Monday, April 06, 2009

It's Official: AAP Recommends Keeping Toddlers Rear-Facing Until At Least Two

Shortly after Violet's first birthday, I posted about why that occasion wouldn't be coinciding with at least one milestone it's often associated with: turning the car seat around so the child can ride facing forward like everyone else in the car. There's no disputing that in the event of an accident, kids are safer in rear-facing car seats long past the one year point when most people turn them forward. So Violet's birthday came and went, and she stayed rear-facing.

The available evidence and experts - including the American Academy of Pediatricians - have long confirmed that rear-facing is the safest way for kids to ride (within the height and weight limits of the car seat). But this month's issue of the AAP News finally included a direct recommendation to keep toddlers rear-facing until two. Hopefully lawmakers won't take long to catch up. As for Violet, she'll likely sail through her second birthday long before she reaches the 35 pound rear-facing weight limit of her Britax seat.

Speaking of Violet . . . what post could be complete without a photo?

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