Friday, May 25, 2007

Still Growing . . .

At thirty weeks, we're into the third trimester (and I'm counting the days until we're out of it!). Our checkup today confirmed that our baby girl is growing right on schedule. I am also growing, although less proportionately than I would prefer. A victim of pregnancy-induced swelling, the lower half of my body has expanded exponentially in recent weeks. Think cankles. Then think bigger. Then have a drink for me.

Of course the important thing is that baby and I are both healthy, which my doctor assures me (in spite of my enlarged lower extremities and the hip pain that keeps me up half the night) that we are. And we're managing the aforementioned afflictions with fun accessories like compression stockings and a recliner I refer to as "Hagrid." Good times, this third trimester.

Don't get me wrong, there's also a lot to enjoy about this stage. She's so active right now, and I'm able to feel so much more of that as she grows. She keeps me company everywhere I go! Eric is able to feel her bumping around too, and now that we can easily see her moving, watching my belly keeps us entertained often. We're also enjoying all of our planning for her arrival: childbirth classes started last week and we hit the antique stores last weekend, scoring a walnut side table and an amazing Aladdin lamp for her room. I'm still reading as much as I can get through on all baby-related subjects; some of my favorites are listed in the Recommended Reading links to the left. The central air conditioning has been installed, so we're all set for summer. Meanwhile, we continue to whittle away at my to-do list . . .

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Graduate

Our soon-to-be brother-in-law, Mat, graduated from Boise State University last weekend with a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology, emphasis on Archaeology. In addition to his full course load, Mat has worked some crazy hours (imagine 5:00 am on many a Saturday morning) over the past few years. We're proud of him and all his hard work - Congratulations, Mat!

More congratulations are in order as Kristin and Mat have set a date for their wedding: June 21, 2008. Mat's really already part of the family, the ceremony is just a formality. ;)