Monday, March 23, 2009

Dinner and Dancing

Violet loves music, and loves to dance to it. We have tunes playing on the iPod system in the kitchen just about every night while Violet eats dinner - if we forget she's sure to remind us to put on her favorite song. Dance moves at the dinner table are pretty standard at our place. A couple of weeks ago, we were listening to a new Putomayo CD we'd recently picked up (World Playground) as she dined, and she couldn't resist this Celtic song:

(Having finally worked out the kinks to the process of posting video, I wanted to share this clip. We're really not much into videography, though - I promise I have no intentions of incessantly posting footage of Violet's every adorable antic.)


Ginger, Allen, Fern, and Horace the cat said...

Post more adorable antics! Post more adorable antics! This was so HILARIOUS I had to watch it 12 times and then show Allen and Fern.

Anonymous said...
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