Sunday, August 24, 2008

Catching Up (And Keeping Up): Photos on Flickr

After acquiring my (er, our) first digital SLR in January, I’ve been shooting primarily in RAW. (For those who are not photo nerds, the difference between RAW files and the standard JPEG is that there is a certain amount of processing that takes place in-camera when you shoot in JPEG. RAW files are, well, raw, and must be processed by the photographer on the computer.)

Shooting in RAW has done a lot to further my self-study of the subject of photography, but tacks on a fairly significant amount of time in post-processing. That’s not a problem for individual photos, and is certainly worth the extra effort in portraiture. But it isn’t very practical for snapshots, particularly a lot of snapshots. I rarely remember to switch back to JPEG, though, so events like Violet’s birthday and birthday party can take me a while to get through.

After nearly three weeks, though, I’ve done it! A few photos will be featured in a separate subsequent post, and the complete albums can be found on our Flickr photostream: The Flickr photostream is something I’ve just recently started working on. From our photostream page, you can see all of our most recently uploaded stuff, as well as photos organized in sets.

One of those sets contains my latest (and perhaps most masochistic) project: Violet 365. I’ve resolved to take – and post - at least one photo of Violet a day, beginning on her first birthday, for a full year. I've kept it up for 21 days so far! (Only 344 to go . . .) My favorite photo for the week usually makes it to a Wordless Wednesday post, but if you’re wanting more, check the Flickr photostream for the daily additions. I’ve posted a permanent link on the left.

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jomama said...

Oh yay! A whole year of Violet! I look forward to each and every one.