Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fun on the Fourth

We spent the holiday weekend at Eric's parents' place in Utah. My parents joined us for the trip, so Violet enjoyed the attention of all her grandparents at once for a few days. She quickly trained them to sing "so big!" in unison on the cue of her upraised arms - a performance that eventually included most of the other friends and family who were in attendance for the Fourth of July festivities.

Before the fireworks began, we introduced Violet to another summertime classic: the sprinkler. She's not quite ready to run through it, but with her Dada to steady her she was able to get into it, and her cousin Giacomo was happy to do the running for both of them. Meanwhile, I was happy to keep my distance from the freezing cold water and fire off a few photos of those brave enough to immerse themselves in it.

A few more photos from the weekend:

And the new, super-cheesy smile that just showed up that weekend:

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