Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's Official!

Kristin and Mat are married! It was a whirlwind weekend of wedding activities: Mom and I hosted Kristin's shower on Friday, Mat's mom put on a huge rehearsal dinner that same night, and Saturday my sister and her man got hitched. The events were celebrated with family from all sides and from all over, many of whom were meeting Violet for the first time. Violet, of course, charmed them all, but it was her second cousin Paige who forged a special connection with her as soon as they met. We look forward to getting those two back together soon.

Weddings are ultimately all about family. And as I said in my (teary) toast, Mat was really a part of ours long before the ceremony took place. But we couldn't be happier about making it official. Congratulations, Kristin and Mat! We love you guys.

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Mat & Kristin said...

We love you guys too! It was such a wonderful weekend!