Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Water Baby

If her second swimming lesson is any indication, it looks like Violet may be bound for the career in killer whale training I longed for before I signed up for the law. The girl loves being in the water. Violet seemed to have not only retained what she'd learned during her first lesson about floating on her back (straighten those legs!), but to have become completely comfortable doing so. As is so often the case, it's her mama that's reluctant to let go.

Having blown through the basic back float, we progressed quickly to the other exercise depicted in the photos above (the ones that probably look like I'm attempting to drown our daughter): the dunk and roll. Wherein I hold her in front of me, counting to three as I bob her in the water, and on three, dunk her headfirst, let go (gasp!), and then help her turn her head and roll to her back to float. We did this once, and the countdown of every repetition thereafter was met with her widest of grins. Wrapped the lesson up with some 'swimming' and splashing, and left already longing for more fun next week.

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