Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Law Firm Is Born

As many of you know, Eric has launched his own law firm! Blackburn & Jones, Eric's previous firm, closed its doors at the end of 2007 following the departure of one of its founding partners, Rex Blackburn, for the in-house pastures of Idaho Power. Eric's new firm, Jones & Swartz - technically open for business as of January 1, 2008 - started things off right by giving everyone the first day off.

Eric and staff were all back at it on the 2nd; he continues to be supported by Beth, Connie, and Heather, as well as new paralegal Jennifer - all of whom have been almost as excited and enthusiastic about this endeavor as we are. Former partner Bruce Jones is continuing his practice at the new firm of counsel, and attorney Darwin Overson represents the most recent (and welcome) addition to the firm. The new firm will continue a general civil litigation practice, representing both plaintiffs and defendants, with an emphasis on commercial litigation; personal injury and products liability claims; contract disputes; real estate, securities, and intellectual property litigation; and regulatory and taxation matters.

It's an exciting enterprise for Eric, and by extension for Violet and me. She and I are very proud of her dad!


Mat & Kristin said...

We're very proud of Eric too!

Cheryl said...

Pete & Cheryl are very proud, also!