Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Stop and Smell the Baby

Violet was twelve weeks old this past Saturday, a milestone which also marked the end of my maternity leave. It's hard to believe how quickly these first months have passed, especially in light of how little of that time we've spent sleeping! Violet has changed so much, and she's not the only one. Parenthood is a truly humbling experience - one that has made me reassess myself, my priorities, and certainly my preconceptions about parenthood. I make an effort every day to absorb as much of it as I can . . . to be present in each moment I spend with her, even if - especially if - that moment happens to be spent swaying in the dark in the wee hours of the morning, my head bent to breathe in the sweet scent of the baby snuggled into my neck. This is not to imply that we have spent the past few months in some sort of enlightened state of bliss. (Hardly!) But I try, with more success on some days than others, to let go of frustration, desparation, and my list of 'things to do', and just be with her. Because it really does all go by so fast.

Monday morning, I lingered at Serenity Infant Care, where Violet will spend her weekdays now, for more than an hour before leaving her in someone else's arms while I went to work. Turns out the transition was much more difficult for her dad and I than it was for her; she was comfortable there from the start. She protests only their periodic attempts to get her to take a bottle - she's never been shy about her opposition to any alternatives to breastfeeding. She doesn't mind waiting for my visit at lunchtime to eat, though, and I look forward to being with her in the middle of my day, and watching her interact with this other environment and the other little people in it.

She continues to amaze us every day. The shots are above are of Violet since our last post (a month ago - where did the time go??) We can't wait to see what the coming months bring!


Cheryl said...

Those pictures capture some of Violet's personality perfectly!
Grandma & Grandpa Stickney

Anonymous said...

love the picture with her in your cute. She's really cute- a job well done in the procreation dept! love, G